Absolute Automation.​

Go beyond simple business processes and workflow automation with the EIQ Intelligent Business Automation Platform that blends data, events, and processes.
End-to-end intelligent business automation that deploys the power of GenAI, traditional AI/ML, and RPA.

EvoluteIQ's Edge of Innovation

Rich Feature Set
Rich Feature Set
Our competitors strive to keep up with our comprehensive feature set through acquisitions, as we fix the industry norm.
Single Integrated Platform, Direct Impact
Single Integrated Platform, Direct Impact
No need to piece together technologies - our intelligent business automation platform is seamlessly integrated. As a result, we solve business problems from day 0, saving you 3-6 months of hassle.
Future-proof Technology
Future-proof Technology
GenAI seamlessly blended into our automation toolkit long before it became the next big thing. It's not just a feature; it's inherently native to our vast feature set.
One Contract, One Fee, and One Partner
Simple and Scalable Pricing & Licensing
Cut down costs with our licensing – a direct 70% savings, with no per-user or per-bot complications.  Envision total cost effortlessly with our transparent pricing that remains affordable at scale.
Your Rules, Your Deployment
Your Rules, Your Deployment
Deploy with flexibility, whether on-prem, VPC, cloud, or hybrid. Our platform is specially tailored for regulatory industries like healthcare, banking, and insurance.
Versatility Across Use Cases
Versatility Across Use Cases
A scalable, enterprise-grade platform designed for automation across both functional and industry-specific use cases.
Ecosystem Availability
Ecosystem Availability
Extensive partner network of system integrators and readily available talent trained on the EIQ Platform
Enriched Human Experience
Enriched Human Experience
Improve the automation experience for your developers, partners, and customers with fully low-code, no-code capabilities.

The EvoluteIQ Ecosystem

Build with Fully Integrated Automation.
Experience Substantial Cost Savings and Accelerated ROI.

Quickly Steer New Strategies
Bring impactful software applications to life while enabling human-centric automation. Deploy and scale as you prefer.
Forge Strong Alliances
Join our expanding network of partners and system integrators, enhancing both your business and your clients'.
Join the Growth Ecosystem
Explore our vibrant community hub of developers, start-ups and students to connect and collaborate for shared success.

One Solution for all your Intelligent Business Automation needs

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The EIQ Platform is domain-agnostic and can be used to build automated business solutions across departments, sectors, and industries. Discover how the EIQ Platform connects people, processes, applications, and data for enterprises.

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Here’s how we enable customers to reap the benefits of low-code/no-code and
accelerate intelligent business automation using the EIQ Platform.

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