AI and Analytics Portal Fuels Consumer Growth for a Major American Healthcare Firm

The largest healthcare company in the US leveraged the EIQ Platform to meet its ambitious consumer growth targets with the power of AI and analytics. Through data-driven insights and predictive modeling, the company was able to optimize its strategies and personalize consumer interactions.

The Results


68% Improvement in Productivity

Continuous monitoring

>200,000 Additional Customer Growth Target

Customer Experience

6 Weeks MVP in action with full application ready just in time for Open Enrollment

Nature Medicine perspective

Automation technologies have shown accuracy rates of up to 95%, reducing diagnostic errors compared to traditional methods.

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Developing a Strategic AI and Analytics Portal for Enhanced Consumer Insights

The client aimed to build an AI and analytics portal that seamlessly aligned with their growth strategies in the healthcare insurance domain. The portal was needed to provide deeper insights into consumer behaviors and market trends by leveraging advanced predictive models and analytical solutions. Ultimately, the goal was to achieve substantial consumer growth and improve overall business performance in a competitive market.

Our Solution:
Optimizing Data Insights and Enhancing Campaign Effectiveness with GenAI, Deep Learning Models, and Comprehensive Analytics

EvoluteIQ supported the complete data flow with advanced analytics to optimize insights across various dimensions such as geography, segments, and demographics. Implementing robust analytical tools, the EIQ Platform enabled the client to dissect and understand complex data sets, facilitating a more granular view of their market and consumer base. 

Through the use of GenAI, our client was able to predict trends in customer behavior and modify their advertising to increase interaction and conversion rates. These insights were further enhanced by deep learning models, which provided a more complex understanding that led to more effective and customized marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, the EIQ Platform helped the client make well-informed decisions and optimize business operations by employing data science, machine learning, and cloud technology. These technologies enabled the seamless handling and analysis of vast amounts of data, providing actionable insights that were crucial for strategic planning and operational efficiency and led to an improvement in their overall performance.

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