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Popular Telecom and Media Use Cases

EvoluteIQ Solutions
New Subscriber Acquisition 

Improve market share without increasing sales and marketing budgets.

How it works?
  • Automation of Product Discovery and Lead generation lifecycle using Conversational Interfaces.
  • Advanced Analytics to refine competitive positioning, product offerings, and pricing.
  • Solutions for seamless “porting” of customer numbers from other network operators.
Predictive Maintenance 

Lower operation costs and achieve higher network stability by adopting predictive maintenance models.

How it works?
  • Predictive maintenance algorithms measure historical and real-time data from the network devices to spot service degradation and failure.
  • Recommend repair/replace and auto-schedule service engineer visits based on the health of the devices.
  • “Uberising” of field service technician support and automated scheduling/ticketing systems.
EvoluteIQ Solutions
Network Operations Transformation

Enable rapid transition from Communication Service Providers (CSP) to Digital Service Providers (DSP) for the 5G Era.

How it works?
  • Switch from network-centric view to customer-centric view by real-time mapping network metrics to customer SLAs
  • Perform health check across networks and correlate with customer QoS metrics
  • Leverage customer service data for advanced analytics.

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We have helped customers convert these use-cases into success stories.

Digital Operations for a leading Telecom Operator

EvoluteIQ Solutions
Client Context

A leading telecom operator company in the US needed help with their digital transformation initiatives across both customer facing as well as internal and partner focused efforts.

Business Process Area

Digital transformation

Value Delivered:

  • 39% Increase in YoY revenue as a result of the new processes
  • 46% Reduction in operational costs and customer acquisition cost
  • 60% Increased ability for channel partners to upsell/cross sell all their products and services 

"Internet Think Tank has selected EvoluteIQ as a vendor of choice to provide enterprise ready blockchain solutions for a variety of industries and use cases. EvoluteIQ has been essential in helping us pioneer use of blockchain in space satellites for inter-satellite transactions. EvoluteIQ has also been core to our development team in pioneering new blockchain-based contact tracing solutions in response to COVID-19."

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