EIQ Platform for System Integrators

Enabling service providers to move up the client value chain using disruptive offerings

In today’s fast-paced technology services market, System Integrator partners are required to run at the same pace as their enterprise customer’s rapidly evolving business. Their digital transformation initiatives are, in turn, causing a disruption for the SIs themselves. 

In addition to this, the Great Resignation has created several challenges with respect to the acquisition, development, retainment of talent, increasing pressure on wages and further impacting the ramifications. 

System Integrators are now having to evolve in order to stay ahead of the curve with a go-to-market approach that is based on: 

  • Leading with a solution or product-based approach rather than the traditional approach of responding to the demands of the enterprise customers
  • Offering new and valuable business models such as Asset Based Managed Services
  • Driving innovation by moving beyond the offshoring and cost-arbitrage as value levers 

Intelligent business automation is an effective strategy for the SIs to meet these objectives. 

e.IQ Platform for System Integrators
Stay ahead of the curve with EvoluteIQ  

Gartner’s estimate of the overall market for Intelligent business automation enablement to be $600 Billion. However, many solution providers are unable to exploit this Intelligent business automation market demand because they are using a traditional approach for their offerings. 

The EIQ intelligent business automation enablement platform from EvoluteIQ helps System Integrators achieve leadership position in this emerging segment.

Unlock the benefits of intelligent business automation to fuel
your Go-To-Market.

Unlock the benefits of hyperautomation to fuel System Integrators

Representative Business Process Use Cases:

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Talk to us today to understand how we enabled a System Integrator to transform their go-to-market approach in their chosen markets of value-added services for Healthcare and Manufacturing.

JK Tech

“Our collaboration with EvoluteIQ has positioned us to co-create industry solutions and bring next-generation value to our existing and new customers. In the disruptive world of digital transformation, enterprises will rapidly migrate from experimenting on tactical automation initiatives to unlocking automation's true potential by embracing the hyperautomation paradigm.”

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