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Create intelligent patient interactions and optimise the revenue cycle.

Popular Healthcare Use Cases

EvoluteIQ Solutions
Data Intelligence for Medical Professionals 

Leverage unstructured data conversion to enable medical professionals to make informed decisions.

How it works?
  • Use Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) to extract data from patient records and diagnostic tools.
  • Predictive analysis using AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide intelligence to medical professionals.
  • Build “expert assistants” using conversational interfaces to provide ad-hoc support.
Critical Care Improvement 

Intelligent automation of existing processes while managing costs for specialized treatments.

How it works?
  • Use ML models to understand patient demographic and ethnographic data to generate predictive signals.
  • Analyze and manage large patient data volumes to identify and classify diagnoses.
  • Improve patient scheduling for delivering timely and quality care.
EvoluteIQ Solutions
EvoluteIQ Solutions
Revenue Cycle Management Transformation

Implement a data-driven RCM process to increase staff productivity and performance.

How it works?
  • Automate the end-to-end RCM activities-related appointment requests, patient pre-arrival and arrival, and claim denials and billing.
  • Design business rules for computer-assisted coding and automation of Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  • Data validation and workflow orchestration to handle increased volumes and reduce error rates.
Employee Health Monitoring

Implement health-first processes as employees return to work in the post-COVID-19 world.

How it works?
  • Monitor all staff members to determine if they are healthy enough to work from the office.
  • Automate the increased regulatory compliance and reporting to global health agencies and government bodies.
  • Ensure that employees are signed up and have the required health insurance to deal with increased medical expenses.
EvoluteIQ Solutions

Talk to us today to learn how the EIQ platform enabled a leading RCM Solutions Provider to automate manual business processes for their global clientele.

We have helped customers convert these use-cases into success stories.

Revenue Cycle Management Automation for the Healthcare Industry

EvoluteIQ Solutions
Client Context

A leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for the healthcare industry was looking to automate the manual intensive Medical Coding and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) business processes for its global clients.

Business Process Area

Coding and EOB Compliance as part of Healthcare RCM Process

Value Delivered:

  • 60-80% Improvement in RCM Agent KPIs
  • like Days to Final Bill and Claims Denial Rate
  • HIPAA Compliant processes
  • 3x Improvement in coder productivity
  • 90% Reduction in error rates

“Medtronic in India has different ways of reaching out to our customers. One of them is direct supply to the healthcare providers. There is a lot of complexity involved in this like managing the inventory, associated purchase orders, consumption metrics etc. The integrated capabilities for handling workflows, data, dashboards and web application front-end enabled us to streamline the overall operations effectively.”

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