EIQ Intelligent Business Automation Platform

Unified. Scalable. Non-Intrusive.
The only single integrated platform with GenAI abilities that take you above and beyond systems, data, enterprise workflows.
EIQ Platform

Explore an All-in-One Platform for Seamless, Intelligent Business Automation

Accelerated Application Deployment
Accelerated Automation & Application Deployment
Democratization of AI and Digital Transformation
Democratization of AI and Digital Transformation
Integrates with Legacy Systems
Integrates with Legacy Systems
Strong Built-In Governance
Strong Built-In Governance
Reduced Cost
Reduced Cost of Change and
Personnel Costs
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Universalizing AI:
Power to Every User

An Automation Platform that Speaks Your Language
From automation engineers to end-users, EIQ’s GenIQ & GIQ Copilot empower all. With simplified building of process and event flows, AI becomes accessible and intuitive for everyone. Build applications, forms, rules, and interactions through simple natural language conversations.

"We spoke to customers that felt no other current platform offered the same breadth of capabilities for business process transformation."

The Modern Intelligent Business Automation Platform for Delivering End-to-end Digital Transformation at Scale

Automate enterprise workflows and create seamless customer and user journeys quickly.
  • Orchestrate across disparate systems and data, with the ability to bring the “human-in-the-loop” to handle exceptions
  • Embed process intelligence by leveraging the platform’s cognitive and decision-modeling capabilities
e.IQ Platform
Handle structured and unstructured data with an easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Connect and process “data at rest” from any source, including databases, data lakes, flat files, unstructured documents, and email
  • Define and build intelligent data pipelines across the value chain
e.IQ Platform
Process and analyze events in real time with the ability to predict real-time threats and identify opportunities.
  • Process, filter, and manage “data in motion” from various resources, including IOT devices and social media feeds
  • Live stream data with Complex Event Processing (CEP) models
e.IQ Platform
Automate integrated text generation within process, data, or event flows using GenAI
  • Work in an intelligent business automation environment with a RAG-based GenIQ-enhanced ML flow that extends and supports traditional ML models
  • Facilitate the development of diverse applications, form creation, rule implementation, and interactive functionalities with GIQ Copilot, a conversational GenAI chatbot
Embed intelligence in handling process and data attributes using dynamic ML models.
  • Forecast future behavior, analyze trends, and predict outcomes using Machine Learning
  • Handle large data volumes with highly scalable algorithms with continuous learning capabilities
e.IQ Platform
Integrate with business-critical systems quickly using pre-built and custom connectors.
  • Complete complex integrations with systems-of-engagement and systems-of-record with point-and-click connectivity
  • Use pre-built connectors for CRM, ERP, and core transaction systems or visually build domain-specific connectors
EIQ Platform
Define and update business policies/rules quickly with audit trails to identify and track changes without extensive coding or development efforts.
  • Trigger predefined actions or decisions ranging from simple notifications to more complex process automations.
  • Integrate with other features, such as data processing, workflow orchestration, and decision automation, ensuring that rules are applied consistently across all processes and systems.
e.IQ Platform
Simplify complex decision-making to adapt to changing business environments.
  • Through rule-based logic and machine learning, use tailored decisions to optimize processes continuously.
  • Provide non-technical users the ability to carry out decision modeling and automation.
Decision Automation
Create visually appealing and dynamic online or offline web and mobile applications using new or pre-built templates.
  • Seamlessly integrate with business workflows and data pipes to build end-to-end automated apps in a matter of days using “drag-and-drop” functionality combined with the other platform flows
  • Rely on cross-platform support for hybrid or native mobile apps with a unified Mobile Flow feature and manage user roles and permissions with multi-tenancy capabilities
Derive actionable insights for your business with robust analytics and present data in visually rich reports.
  • Visualize data through embedded operational dashboards for key stakeholders
  • Access sophisticated and predictive analysis tools for data-driven insights
e.IQ Platform
Leverage the power of non-intrusive, unified RPA.
  • Integrate RPA into the overall end-to-end automation landscape for a seamless experience
  • Capabilities for Web UI automation, Desktop automation, Excel automation, and Surface Automation for use cases that need manual and repetitive tasks automation