A Leading Manufacturer's Digital Leap in Critical Care Devices

For critical care devices, continuous innovation is the lifeblood of the industry. Our client, a leading global manufacturer recognized the imperative for transformation and chose to transition from manual, paper-based lab testing to an entirely paperless, automated system.

The Results


2X Improvement in productivity and efficiency post-digitization due to automation

Overall reduced error rates

82% Reduction in error rates following a drastic decrease in manual intervention

Customer Satisfaction

73% Improvement in employee satisfaction scores due to elimination of repeated tasks


McKinsey prediction

There's a $1 trillion opportunity with healthcare automation that can transform care delivery, boost clinical productivity, leverage technology, and simplify administration.

EIQ Features Used


The Challenge:
Manual Lab Testing Procedures for Critical Care Devices

The client needed to grapple with labor-intensive, paper-based lab testing procedures that hampered their efficiency and introduced the potential for errors. These manual processes not only slowed down their pre-release testing but also posed a significant challenge in maintaining accuracy and traceability.

Our Solution:
Automated Lab Test Selection and Execution

The EIQ Platform emerged as a pivotal tool in the automation of the client’s lab testing procedures. One of the critical components of this was an automated, web-based solution that played a vital role in guiding and sequencing the selection and execution of lab tests, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the healthcare provider’s business logic and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Another aspect of this transformation involved the integration of a Rule Builder. This tool empowered the client to design and implement the specific business rules necessary for each lab testing process step, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Online forms were introduced to capture test data, which was securely stored on a cloud-hosted database. These processes were further enhanced by including approval protocols for lab technicians and other staff, ensuring data security and integrity. The solution also enabled the automatic compilation of final reports. These reports were distributed to management and regulatory bodies and accompanied by analytics of trends in lab testing data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

We worked closely with the client to address the challenge of historical data. The EIQ Platform was employed to digitize and manage historical reports, spanning approximately a decade of records. This digitization process effectively created a “system of record,” ensuring accessibility and security.

EIQ for Enterprises

EIQ is the only integrated, low-code/no-code platform for fully intelligent business automation, driving transformation at scale across the Enterprise.

Ensure frictionless enterprise-wide interactions

Business Impact Delivered

Grow Revenues by 40%

Lower customer acquisition costs and operational expenses, raise conversion rates with minimal upfront investments

Improve Operational Efficiency by 74%

Improve overall efficiency due to process automation and quicker TAT (Turn Around Time) and AHT (Average Handle Time)

Strong Built-In Governance

Empower Workforce by 73%

Grow employee satisfaction rate through intelligent incentivization and foster productivity and time “given back” to the teams

Improve Customer Experience by 60%

Elevate customer satisfaction via efficient preventive maintenance and fewer query discrepancies

Enhance Asset Utilization by 30%

Achieve a reduction in inventory to gain equal or better customer demand with the existing supply

Strong Built-In Governance

Boost Security by 95%

Cut down data integrity issues across systems with predictive & preventive analytics

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