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EvoluteIQ has been featured in the HFS Hot Vendor Analyst Report for Q3 2021

Download the HFS Hot Vendors Q3 2021 report to read what the analysts say about our approach to unlocking discovery at scale and realizing process improvements
HFS Research

HFS has designated EvoluteIQ a OneOffice Hot Vendor for its alignment with the HFS OneOffice Vision 2025. Its e.IQ platform enables the enterprise to deliver integrated customer journeys across disparate, often legacy technologies and processes to support the orchestration of an end-to-end digital workflow across customer, front- office, and back-office systems.

“We spoke to customers that felt no other current platform offered the same breadth of capabilities for business process transformation.”

Download the report to get a look at the HFS Digital OneOfficeTM Framework, the analysts’ view on EvoluteIQ’s technology and its role in helping large enterprises deliver better processes.

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