EvoluteIQ completes the integration of amperaxp as a part of its inorganic growth strategy

Integration of AmperAXP

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EvoluteIQ a leading Hyperautomation enablement platform has announced that it has completed the integration of AmperAXP, a California-based product company with its flagship offering of a unified orchestration platform for drag-&-drop enterprise application development. By integrating the two technologies, the e.IQ platform adds enhanced features that will not only bring the disparate automation technologies together, but further simplify the building of automation applications called ‘hyper-apps’ for transformation at scale.

“Both EvoluteIQ and AmperAXP were founded with the same mission: to create a new kind of technology experience, one that empowers citizen users everywhere to maximize end-to-end automation opportunities through simplicity. This combination dramatically accelerates our ability to make this a reality for our customers,” said Sameet Gupte, CEO of EvoluteIQ. “With this, e.IQ will be able to achieve the full promise of enabling hyperautomation at a much lower cost for organizations than what they are spending individually on multiple automation technologies today.”

“The integration with EvoluteIQ is a very natural evolution in our journey from data integration and app development platform towards hyperautomation. This combination will also give our existing customers the opportunity to accelerate their automation and digital transformation journeys,” said Arun Hiremath, CEO & Co-founder of AmperAXP. Hiremath will take over as the Chief Business Officer for the combined business in Americas and Sanjay Koppikar, Co-founder of AmperAXP will be the Chief Product Officer responsible for Engineering and R&D for the integrated organization. Sameet Gupte will continue to lead the joint entity of EvoluteIQ as the CEO.

Earlier this month, Confidus Venture Capital AB had announced that it had more than doubled its investment in EvoluteIQ to support the growth plans of the company. Speaking about this announcement; Peter Dahlgren, Founding Partner of Confidus and Chairman of EvoluteIQ, said, “We are excited to see that the investments are being leveraged to enhance the technology and features of the platform. This integration will not only give significant benefits to the customers but will also enable EvoluteIQ to continue to stay ahead in the innovation taking place in the automation space.”

About EvoluteIQ

EvoluteIQ is a Stockholm based privately held product company that was carved out in 2019 from a global technology group. The core platform e.IQ is, an end-to-end Enablement Platform for hyperautomation that combines the capabilities of low-code / no-code, iBPMS, AI, ML, IOT, RPA Integration, OCR, Blockchain and data processing on a single integrated platform.

For more information on EvoluteIQ , visit: www.evoluteiq.com and www.evoluteiq.com/platform/

About AmperAXP

AmperAXP Inc. is a California, US based product company with offices in UK and India. It caters to Fortune 500 companies, governments, and start-ups across the globe. The AmperAXP platform allows enterprises to visually construct complex applications in an extremely user-friendly interface. The technology enables creating and deploying applications rapidly, thus providing drastic reduction in development time and cost.

For more information on AmperAXP , visit: www.amperaxp.com

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