Telecom Evolution: Enhancing Customer Experience and Efficiency

A leading telecom operator in the US recognized the need to elevate its digital operations. This encompassed customer-facing improvements and internal enhancements, vital for both efficiency and effective partnerships. Facing these evolving industry demands, the company sought EvoluteIQ’s expertise to drive its digital transformation initiatives forward.

The Results

39% Increase in YoY revenue

39% Increase in YoY revenue because of the new processes

46% Reduction in operational costs

46% Reduction in operational costs and customer acquisition costs

60% Increased ability for channel partners to upsell/cross-sell

60% Increased ability for channel partners to upsell/cross-sell all their products and services

Internet Think Tank has selected EvoluteIQ as a vendor of choice to provide enterprise ready blockchain solutions for a variety of industries and use cases. EvoluteIQ has been essential in helping us pioneer use of blockchain in space satellites for inter-satellite transactions. EvoluteIQ has also been core to our development team in pioneering new blockchain-based contact tracing solutions in response to COVID-19.

The Challenge:
Market Share Risks: Transformation for a Complex Business Portfolio

Faced with the looming risk of market share erosion in established segments and eager to expand into new ones, our client embarked on a comprehensive transformation program. However, their extensive business portfolio needed complex interactions with numerous partners, entailing many manual processes. Additionally, catering to a substantial roster of B2B clients and partners demanded a flexible and scalable solution to drive their digital operations effectively.

Our Solution:
Unified User Journeys, Persona-Driven Portal, and Back-Office Automation

EvoluteIQ spearheaded a radical solution, revitalizing customer and partner user journeys. This innovation was achieved by developing a unified, event-driven, data-driven platform.

A unified portal was crafted, catering to the diverse user base with persona-driven functionality. This approach ensured that each user group had access to the tools and features needed.

Integral to this project was automating various back-office processes and streamlining operations across disparate systems such as ERP, PLB (performance-linked bonus), and CRM. Critical functions, including Financial Control (payments processing and reconciliation), Performance Management & Credit Control, and Compliance, were among those successfully automated.

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