Seamless Transition from LIBOR to RFR

The financial industry’s landscape has significantly transformed due to the mandated shift from IBOR (Interbank Offered Rate) to RFR (Risk-Free Rates). A Continental European Bank, facing the complex challenge of transitioning its legacy contracts referencing IBOR/LIBOR before the FCA’s sunset date, sought a reliable automated system and approached EvoluteIQ.

The Results

Cost Reduction

65% Cost savings for the LIBOR transition program

96% Accuracy rate of repapered IBOR contracts

10,000 Legacy IBOR contracts transitioned


Allied Market Research Prediction

The global AI in banking market was estimated at $3.88 B in 2020 and is expected to hit $64.03 B by 2030, registering a CAGR of 32.6% from 2021 to 2030.

EIQ Features Used


The Challenge:
Navigating the LIBOR Transition

Our client, the continental European bank, faced the daunting task of managing over 10,000 legacy contracts tied to LIBOR rates, with many extending beyond the 2021 deadline. To manually transition these contracts, a team of over 40 paralegals needed to handle the prioritization, analysis, and repapering processes while ensuring both cost-efficiency and precision.

Our Solution:
Piloting IBOR to Risk-Free Rates Transition: How EvoluteIQ Enhanced Compliance

EvoluteIQ Intelligent Business Automation for Banking

EvoluteIQ spearheaded a comprehensive automation effort targeting the classification, repapering, and execution workflows of the diverse legacy contracts. An exposure dashboard was deployed to streamline this intricate process, facilitating the analysis and prioritization of counterparties and contracts. This dashboard acted as a central control hub, orchestrating workflows across Legal, Risk and Compliance, Operations, and Business teams. These digital workflows, often referred to as “digital paralegals,” were pivotal in the execution of the complex legacy LIBOR transition process.

Additionally, our solution benefited from existing templates and system training tailored for different industry standards such as ISDA and FBF, providing extensive asset class coverage. This existing infrastructure significantly accelerated the implementation of the solution, expediting the LIBOR transition process.

To further enhance efficiency, we leveraged pre-built connectors for crucial components like Digital Signatures, Content Management Systems, and access to the global LEI database for seamless legal entity identification. These integrations seamlessly integrated essential functionalities into the LIBOR transition workflow, ensuring a robust and efficient process.

EIQ for Enterprises

EIQ is the only integrated, low-code/no-code platform for fully intelligent business automation, driving transformation at scale across the Enterprise.

Ensure frictionless enterprise-wide interactions

Business Impact Delivered

Grow Revenues by 40%

Lower customer acquisition costs and operational expenses, raise conversion rates with minimal upfront investments

Improve Operational Efficiency by 74%

Improve overall efficiency due to process automation and quicker TAT (Turn Around Time) and AHT (Average Handle Time)

Strong Built-In Governance

Empower Workforce by 73%

Grow employee satisfaction rate through intelligent incentivization and foster productivity and time “given back” to the teams

Improve Customer Experience by 60%

Elevate customer satisfaction via efficient preventive maintenance and fewer query discrepancies

Enhance Asset Utilization by 30%

Achieve a reduction in inventory to gain equal or better customer demand with the existing supply

Strong Built-In Governance

Boost Security by 95%

Cut down data integrity issues across systems with predictive & preventive analytics

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