Experience end-to-end Intelligent Automation with the EIQ Platform

EIQ Intelligent Business Automation Platform

Get to Know the EIQ Platform

An Intelligent Business Automation platform that blends data, events, and process orchestration, AI/ML, enterprise connectors, generative AI, RPA, and front-end application development to effortlessly construct seamless user journeys with a fully low-code/no-code approach.

Designed to streamline the entire software development cycle, ease collaboration, and simplify team and project management.

Work with an Extensive set of Enterprise Connectors

Seamlessly Integrate

Swiftly connect with business-critical systems using pre-built and custom enterprise connectors.

Simplify Complex Integrations

Easily handle intricate connections between systems-of-engagement and systems-of-record through point-and-click connectivity.

Versatile Connector Options

Choose from our extensive library of 200+ pre-built enterprise connectors for CRM and ERP, or build custom OOTB, on-demand connectors, including Webservice (REST & SOAP), RPA-based, and Java connectors, tailored to your specific requirements.

Unique Developer Experience with the EIQ Platform

Effortless Scaling

Enable large-scale automation effortlessly with simplified creation of integrated automation applications.

Simplified Drag-and-Drop Automation

Create end-to-end automation applications with fully low-code, no-code drag-and-drop features, saving significant development time and IT costs.

Low Maintenance and Support Costs

Cut down your efforts with low maintenance and support costs since EIQ is an integrated, all-in-one platform.

Seamless Adaptability

Easily manage changes in processes due to the ease of integration and drag-and-drop functionalities.

Leverage Unified and Orchestrated Flows

Automate more. Faster. Better. Go Beyond just Process Automation, RPA...

Intelligent Data Fabric, Data-Pipelines for Insights Flow

  • Integrate “data at rest” from external databases, data lakes, flat files, unstructured documents, and emails using intuitive drag-and-drop.
  • Construct intelligent data pipelines and orchestrate data with finesse, ensuring a balanced flow across diverse sources.
  • Witness the magic in use cases like Trade Master Data, Patient Demographic, and Ethnographic Master.

Streamline Operations

  • Boost your business efficiency and create effortless customer experiences rapidly.
  • Ensure smooth workflow, with the ability to bring the “human-in-the-loop” to handle exceptions.
  • Experience the impact in real-world use cases like Customer Onboarding and Patient Registration. Make these processes not just efficient but also adaptable to the intricacies of each scenario.

Orchestrate Streaming Data with Event Flows

  • Process and analyze events in real time, predicting threats and unveiling opportunities. Our platform is your gateway to mastering the art of Complex Event Processing (CEP).
  • Dive into CEP scenarios where our platform excels in processing, filtering, and managing “data in motion” from diverse resources – be it from IoT devices or social media feeds.
  • Explore applications like Trader Surveillance in Banking and the nuanced handling of signals from ECG machines in Healthcare.

ML-Driven Cognition, Intelligent Insights for Processes with Dynamic Models

  • Embed intelligence into the handling of process and data attributes. Integrate dynamic ML models, unlocking a new realm of cognitive analysis and decision-making.
  • Step into use cases that demand cognitive prowess, such as forecasting future behavior, analyzing trends, and predicting outcomes for strategic decision-making.
  • Witness the impact in scenarios like Next Best Action in product discovery for financial services and Churn Propensity Analysis for insurance policy renewals.

Scalable Algorithms to turn Complexity into Clarity

  • Reveal intricate patterns, trends, and associations within your business processes with the power of Big Data processing.
  • Plunge into use cases that demand handling large data volumes with our platform’s highly scalable algorithms equipped with continuous learning capabilities.
  • Experience the impact in scenarios like Fraud Detection in banking and the efficient processing of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in Healthcare.

Omni-Presence Experience to build Dynamic Web/Mobile Apps with Multi-channel Applications

  • Build visually appealing and dynamic web/mobile applications, whether you start from scratch or use our pre-built templates.
  • Work with versatility for varied interactions for use cases involving interactions with end customers to communicate among internal business users.
  • See the effect in examples like Underwriting Digital Assistant in Insurance and Care Management application in Healthcare.

Decision Precision streamlining Decision Intelligence for Accurate Choices

  • BRMS/DMN & constraints solver engine to enable autonomous decision-making using predictions, simulations, rules, optimization, or other AI techniques
  • GenIQ’s intelligent recommendations to generate personalized recommendations and diagnostic analytics for validation and exploration of information
  • Continuous decision improvement to respond promptly to opportunities and disruptions with continuous decision-making strategies
  • Interconnected decisions within the enterprise and ecosystem, integrating internal and external data for contextual depth

Workflows with RPA Automation & UI-based Integration Expertise

  • Deploy RPA capabilities to automate manual and repetitive tasks, enhancing end-to-end customer and user journeys.
  • Tailored for use cases requiring “UI-based” integration, especially when APIs are absent or integrating at the data level poses challenges.
  • Find the effect in examples like KYC utilities like LexusNexus and Records Management in Healthcare.

One Platform for All Users
No Code, Low Code & Pro-Code Ready Platform

From No-code, Low-code to Pro-code, the EIQ Platform bridges the gap, catering to diverse development communities.
Composed for versatility, it meets the needs of multiple complex environments going beyond the ‘one-size-fits-all' approach.
Business Users
Business Users (No Code)
Citizen Developers
Citizen Developers (Low Code)
Developers (Pro Code)

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