Decoding EvoluteIQ:
Our Journey Through Innovation


Our Corporate Story

EvoluteIQ emerged from a collective dream to revolutionize how companies use data and artificial intelligence to automate business processes. Founded by visionary technologists and business leaders, our journey began with a commitment to deliver cutting-edge automation solutions while empowering businesses for the digital age.

The inception of EvoluteIQ traces back to our founders’ early vision of simplifying the complex enterprise software solutions market. They pictured not just evolution, but revolution, asking, “What if the way we work could be completely transformed?” The EIQ Platform emerged as the answer.

Our approach to enterprise automation stands out: true innovation doesn’t stem from simple upgrades or the integration of technologies but from a complete reimagination through a futuristic business lens. Our dedication to “absolute automation” isn’t just a slogan; it fuels the core of a platform that was way ahead of its era and continues to do so.

Driven by a culture of excellence and collaboration, we swiftly gained recognition for our innovative approach. Partnering with leading organizations, we’ve enabled them to leverage data for growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Today, EvoluteIQ stands as a symbol of innovation in intelligent business automation. With a dedicated team and a commitment to meaningful change, we continue to push boundaries and shape the future of technology, one solution at a time.

Our Vision

Enable Intelligent Business Automation at scale

Vision and Mission
Your Rules, Your Deployment

Our Mission

Enabling citizen users to build integrated automation applications in a simplified way at lower cost.

EvoluteIQ in Numbers

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